Nonviolence and the new story: Now at Transformation

How do we get from the world of now to the society we long to live in? This question sums up my latest piece at openDemocracy’s Transformation:

What will it take to save the world? Massive protests? Yes, and much more. Protest has its place, but sometimes – much of the time actually – we have to take strategic steps that can lead to deeper change. To bring us to the world we really want, these actions must be centered around nonviolence, because the choice between violence or nonviolence determines the kind of world that ultimately results. The whole reason for protesting an injustice is that we don’t want to live in a violent world.

But to get the full benefit of nonviolence we should be aware that it means a lot more than just refraining from physical force. Nonviolence is sometimes called ‘peace from within.’ If we think of the environment, other beings and ourselves as three essential sets of relationships, then nonviolence really begins as a ‘third harmony,’ where we try to eliminate any ill will we’re holding towards our opponent.

Read the full piece at Transformation.

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