It's time to shift to a nonviolence mindset.

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The Third Harmony

“I highly recommend this engaging, well-argued, serious, and realistic book.”  – Rajmohan Gandhi, a grandson of Gandhi

That the world needs to take a vastly different direction, and quickly, is no longer controversial for any thoughtful person. A whole new way of seeing the world and our role in its destiny is called for. It’s what some call the “new story,” a connected and collaborative vision of the future. My latest title, The Third Harmony, links this vision with nonviolence. The book was published on March 31, 2020 by Berrett-Koehler.

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"Nonviolence is the greatest power
at the disposal of humankind."​

Mahatma Gandhi

My Mission

I aim to share a vision of healing, respect, compassion, and justice based on a much higher image of the human being and the meaning of life. We all have an innate capacity for peace. Yet our culture isn’t “tuned in” to our nonviolence power, which draws upon the unity of life. I find it hopeful that knowledge about nonviolence and how it works is spreading.

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